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:bulletpink: Home :bulletorange: Challenge :bulletyellow: News :bulletgreen: Featured Artist :bulletblue: Tips :bulletpurple: FAQ

:bulletpink: Home :bulletorange: Challenge :bulletyellow: News :bulletgreen: Featured Artist :bulletblue: Tips :bulletpurple: FAQ


F L O W E R S . I N . H E R . H A I R . C O N T E S T

Scroll for the results!
Everyone will receive prizes shortly!

:iconlittleflowerplz:R U L E S:iconlittleflowerplz:

ANYONE MAY ENTER! (Staff may enter for a separate prize)
One entry per person.
Must have some sort of color in it somewhere!
Obviously it must be a female!
And there must be flowers or plant life incorporated into the picture somehow! Be creative!
No style restrictions! You may do any style you like (This is including cartoon, anime, chibi, anthro, alien, realistic, modern, vector, traditional, digital, etc.)
Must be new art, not something old from your gallery.


:iconlittleflowerplz: JUDGING & PRIZES!:iconlittleflowerplz:

Judges: YOU (the members and participants!) and the Inspired Illustration Staff! (founder, contributors and co-founders)

:trophy: PEOPLE'S CHOICE: :trophy:
(The entry with the most member votes!)
Flowers in her hair by Eachy-Peachy by :iconeachy-peachy:

:bulletyellow: 100 :points: from :iconsainteciel:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconsainteciel:
:bulletyellow: 1 OC digital portrait from  :iconjowiel:
:bulletyellow: 2 week feature from :iconjowiel:
:bulletyellow: 1 OC digital portrait from :icone-r-a-illustration:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconinspiredillustration:
:bulletyellow: month feature from :iconanothercontestgroup:

:trophy: STAFF FAVORITE: :trophy:
(The entry with the most staff votes from founder, co-founders and contributors!)
Flowers by Sins0mnia by :iconsins0mnia:

:bulletyellow: 100 :points: from :iconsainteciel:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconsainteciel:
:bulletyellow: 1 OC digital portrait :iconjowiel:
:bulletyellow: 2 week feature from :iconjowiel:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconinspiredillustration:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconanothercontestgroup:


:trophy: MOST UNIQUE: :trophy:
(The entry that displays the most thinking outside the box but still stays within in the theme! Voted on by Members and Staff!)
:thumb301647746: by :iconkisukiie:

:bulletyellow: 100 :points: :iconsainteciel:
:bulletyellow: 1 OC digital head shot from :iconsainteciel:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconsainteciel:
:bulletyellow: 2 week feature from :iconjowiel:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconinspiredillustration:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconanothercontestgroup:

:trophy: STAFF ENTRY PRIZE: :trophy:
(The staff entry with the most votes from members and Staff!)
Flowers in Her Hair by JowieL by :iconjowiel:

:bulletpurple: 100 :points: from :iconsainteciel:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconsainteciel:
:bulletyellow: 2 week feature from :iconjowiel:
:bulletpurple: 1 month feature from :iconinspiredillustration:
:bulletyellow: 1 month feature from :iconanothercontestgroup:

:iconlittleflowerplz:MEMBER ENTRIES::iconlittleflowerplz:

:thumb301647746: by :iconkisukiie:
Flowers by Sins0mnia by :iconsins0mnia:
by :iconkurocyou:
:thumb307077882: by :iconchisepiyon:
flower in hair by Forever-Sleepy by :iconforever-sleepy:
:thumb307597984: by :iconsangrde:
Elf by beerandflies by :iconbeerandflies:
Flower Girl by lAffinityl by :iconlaffinityl:
Flowers in her hair by Eachy-Peachy by :iconeachy-peachy:
Flowers in her hair by Anarielhime by :iconanarielhime:
Flowers in her Hair V2 by AgentHojo by :iconagenthojo:

:iconlittleflowerplz:STAFF ENTRIES:iconlittleflowerplz:

:thumb298640674: by :iconsainteciel:
Flowers in Her Hair by JowieL by :iconjowiel:

This is a contest, so please participate!

Inspired Illustration 2012
:bulletpink: Home :bulletorange: Challenge :bulletyellow: News :bulletgreen: Featured Artist :bulletblue: Tips :bulletpurple: FAQ



It has come down to TWO Lovely ENTRIES
Voting is open until JULY 20th 9pm EST

JULY 25TH!!!!!


ALSO! I Would Like to Find a replacement Founder for this group, please note ME: SainteCiel If you are interested!

:love: Thanks to all our new members for joining! And staying with us as we grow!

Got a suggestion for us? Please Send us a NOTE! We'd be happy to hear what you have to say!
Inspired Illustration 2012
:bulletpink: Home :bulletorange: Challenge :bulletyellow: News :bulletgreen: Featured Artist :bulletblue: Tips :bulletpurple: FAQ





If you are a digital artist and would like your art to be featured, please send us a NOTE titled FEATURE ME and include your name (DA or real), a little about yourself and/or your art (at least 3 sentences). Don't know what to say? Try things like: what inspires you? How long have you been an artist? Did you go to school for art or is it a hobby? These are just some examples, say whatever you like! Be sure to also include 3-10 thumbs of your art you'd like to be featured! And one to be featured in our groups featured gallery for all to see for the week! We will notify you ASAP to let you know when you'll be featured!

Past featured artists:
Inspired Illustration 2012
:bulletpink: Home :bulletorange: Challenge :bulletyellow: News :bulletgreen: Featured Artist :bulletblue: Tips :bulletpurple: FAQ

T I P . O F . T H E . W E E K !

Each week, there will be a digital art tip for all you digital artists!
Members can also submit questions to the group by sending us a NOTE and we will address your digital art questions as best we can!

This week's tip: There is no such thing as artists block! Use the environment around you to prompt creation! Just get those creative juices flowing!

Inspired Illustration 2012
:bulletpink: Home :bulletorange: Challenge :bulletyellow: News :bulletgreen: Featured Artist :bulletblue: Tips :bulletpurple: FAQ


Don't see an answer to your question? NOTE us!

:star: J O I N I N G:
                 :bulletblue: Who can join? Anyone! We are a digital art group, but even if you are not a digital artist, you can join!
                 :bulletblue: How can I join? Click "JOIN THIS GROUP" on our front page! You will be automatically accepted!
                 :bulletblue: Do I need to put a link to the club on my journal or something? Nope! Although we won't stop you if you do =]

:star: M E M B E R S:
                 :bulletpurple: What can I do? As a member you can participate in challenges, contests, be featured as an artist of the week, and submit your art to the gallery. There is only one catch: We are a digital art group, so you must be a digital artist to do those things.
                 :bulletpurple: I am not a digital artist... is there any room for me? Of course! You can be a lover of digital art and not do digital art yourself. And while you cannot participate in digital art contests, we still encourage you to use the art prompts, do the challenges yourself, and browse the galleries for inspiration!
                 :bulletpurple: How much art can I submit per day? You can submit up to 4 a day.

:star: C O N T R I B U T O R S:
                 :bulletpurple: I submit art to the group often, can I be a contributor? It can depend on how many Contributors we have at one time,                              how much art you submit regularly, and if we need any more help in the group. You may request to JOIN as CONTRIBUTOR when you join, or send us a NOTE titled CAN I BE A CONTRIBUTOR? or REQUEST TO BE A CONTRIBUTOR.
                 :bulletpurple: What does a Contributor do? Contributors contribute as much of their art to the group as they like. They are regulars more or less. They can also vote on incoming submissions, invite members, and are highly appreciated and valued! This is the extent of their powers.
                 :bulletpurple: What if I am already a contributor but I stop contributing often? We have a record of how active our members, contributors and co-founders are. If a long amount of time has passed with no activity, the Contributor will be bumped down to member status, as there are plenty of eager contributors lining up all the time. However, a warning of hiatus/vacation over a 3 month or longer period should keep your place for a bit longer. Always inform us!

:star: C O - F O U N D E R S:
                 :bulletpurple: Who can be a Co-Founder? Only a few select people who the Founder trusts are allowed the role of Co-Founder. These are people (and digital artists) who share the same values and vision for the future of the group. They help shape the group into what it should be. They're active members whose actions and decisions are highly valued and appreciated.
                 :bulletpurple: What do Co-Founders do? Co-Founders do everything! They can contribute to the group with art, blogs, contests, run challenges, art prompts, tutorials, special events, featured artists, vote on submissions from anyone, change member roles, etc. They keep this group alive!

:star: F O U N D E R:
               :bulletpurple: Who can be Founder? Only the Original Founder can be Founder of this group. I, SainteCiel as founder, have no intention of stepping down, but if I ever were to, my most reliable and trustworthy Co-Founder would take my place until either I would return, or they would take it over permanently.
              :bulletpurple: What does the Founder do? The Founder does everything! I can add, edit, and delete everything from blogs to gallery submissions to members to the group itself! The Founder holds all power.

:star: R U L E S:
               :bulletred: Courtesy Be polite. If you have an issue with someone or something, please NOTE the group or refer to the DA Help Desk.
               :bulletred: Banning/Blocked Everyone gets 2 strikes. One warning, and your second offense kicks you out of the group. Sorry, no exceptions. All Trolls and Spammers will automatically be blocked.
               :bulletred: Do NOT Steal!Credit Your Sources & References for All Art Submitted to the group. Please and Thank you.
               :bulletred: Do NOT Cheat! On any contest or challenge offering  prize, multiple entries are not allowed, even from separate accounts. You will be banned no warning if suspicion ensues.

:star: C H A L L E N G E S:
               :bulletorange: What are Challenges? Challenges are artistic prompts to motivate you to do your best. We give you a task, and it is your personal goal you must reach. They are not contests, unless otherwise stated in the blog entries.
               :bulletorange: Can anyone participate in the challenge? Yes! Even non digital artists may challenge themselves! It is meant for everyone! (This is of course unless the challenge is specifically digital)
               :bulletorange: There haven't been any Challenges I've liked so far... If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

INCOMPLETE FAQ, Come back later!
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